IT experts attribute the Capital One data breach to exploitation of a vulnerability in the firewall of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which the bank used to store its data trove.

Privacy experts warned the incident highlights cloud computing platforms’ tenuous balance between security and efficiency.

The SVP4U team consider that maintaining the security of inside information as an importent task of its business.

Our financial provider “Prime Trust” has a strong security policy, it also allows us to be confident in the safety of the personal data of the SVP4U’s (included Magnate’s Club - Fundig Portal) customers.

Cybercriminals “know the intricate details of the architecture and how to exploit the small nooks and crannies for any weaknesses.”

Therefore, according to the company’s security policy, Prime Trust employs only domestic US, full-time engineers who are required to perform the majority of their work on site in its office headquarters.

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