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Our Philosophy

SVP4U is a public benefit corporation. The specific public benefit of the corporation is to accelerate high-impact business innovating in business, science, and technology with the potential to make a positive social or environmental impact on the world. To fulfill our role of mission, we are committed to maximizing both corporate and shareholder value using innovative technology.

We are from different countries and continents and come from different cultures. We operate out of different time zones. We find, integrate, and implement solutions toward one goal — MAKING OURSELVES USEFUL.


Together, we believe in the future of our home habitat.

Since we founded SVP4U in 2014, we’ve been guided by the idea to create a safe home habitat. We all, from different cultures and countries, but we are live on our planet, in one home. This house, our planet, is our habitat. For us, the home has a special meaning, it’s an understanding that we can together make our home better. SVP4U is evolving and experimenting to create a better future. Together we do empower people, businesses, and society through innovation and our common experience. Also, we challenge the status quo by investing in new start-up talent and develop their business models. We are truly inspired by the academic institutions' talent that chooses to work with us together. We are team united by a belief that technology can empower people to create safe home habitat.

Rostyslav Sipakov

Our Mission and Vision

The primary mission of SVP4U is to ensure the satisfaction of the vital interests of people by creating comfortable, modern and healthy environment accessible to a wide range of people, which helps to open up human potential and well-being. Embracing new thinking, SVP4U challenge the limits through innovation.

We see our team as the useful global Innovation Company where, we drive disruptive innovation engaging knowledge, creativity and passion from around the world to achieve ambitious goals.










This is what makes us strong

Our Strengths

As SVP4U' partners and customers engage with our services across many facets of their lives, massive volumes of data are generated. Therefore we are strengthening our development teams by hiring data scientists that specialize in big data and adoption of AI throughout the business.
We linking many diverse services through a common membership and loyalty program, for creating a unique ecosystem. This ecosystem is a unique strength that minimizes customer acquisition costs and drives the growth of gross transaction value (GTV).
SVP4U has an open and dynamic corporate culture that fosters the exchange of diverse ideas. Our team members are made up of talented pro from different countries and regions. Communication across national and organizational borders is made easier with the innovation of internet technologies. Each team member can reach their potential with our ecosystems.